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Texas needs to bring up our voter turnout now more than ever and it starts by arming ourselves with information and the tools necessary to make it happen.
Check this page often for election information and additional resources to help you get ready for an upcoming VOTE!


#1 Am I registered to vote?  what do i need to be able to vote in texas?

  • Check your voter status by visiting the Texas Secretary of State's "Am I Registered?" page HERE.

  • Already know you need to register to vote? Click HERE to request a voter registration application. *You will need to mail your application in in order to complete your registration. **You can also pick up a voter registration application at your county registrar's office.

  • Have a felony conviction? Click HERE and know your rights.

  • election day is May 4, 2019! Early voting goes from april 22 - april 30!
    *Check to make sure you have an election in your area by visiting vote411!

  • Visit HERE to check out information for voters impacted by Harvey.  


#2 how do i find out what's on the ballot?  How can i find out who is running?  where do i go to vote?

You can see what's on the ballot for an upcoming election by visiting
See a complete list of who has filed for candidacy with the state of Texas in 2018 down below.
Find your polling place HERE.  


#3 HOW CAN I RALLY MY COMMUNITY TO VOTE + other important voting dates

  • Volunteer to block walk with us! Help us reach out to fellow Texas voters and remind them of important election dates while making sure they know where to look for helpful information to build their voting plan.

  • Build a Claim Your Vote group amongst your family, friends and community and make a group plan for educating each other about upcoming votes and holding each other accountable to vote.

  • Make sure everyone you know has a transportation plan for how they plan to get to their polling place. Check with your city's public transportation services to see if they offer free or discounted transportation on Election Day. If you find out they don't, contact us so we can work to bring that service to your community!

  • Do you need to get an ID or know someone who does?  Contact Spread The Vote to get assistance obtaining the necessary I.D. to vote! 


  • Election DAy is May 4, 2019! LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IS APRIL 4TH!
    *Check to make sure you have an election in your area by visiting vote411!

Find more important dates HERE