Resources For Texas VDRs Are Here

The Our Vote Texas project is very excited to launch resources that we hope current certified VDRs and those doing get out the vote/voter outreach work will find valuable in their efforts this year and in 2020!

We’ve pulled together helpful information that answers some of the most often asked and confusing questions there are when it comes to voting in the state of Texas. These resources are posted and available for you to print off and use at your disposal!

We are also providing Know Your Texas Voter Rights brochures for your volunteer work and we’re shipping these out for FREE! Contact us if you are in need of these materials and we will get them out to you.

Most importantly, GIVE US FEEDBACK! Let us know what we can improve on and bring to the arsenal that will help you in your volunteer work to boost civic engagement in the state of Texas! Drop us a message
Check it out: 

For questions, please contact