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Know Your TX Voter Rights


We are providing Know Your Texas Voter Rights brochures to current certified Texas VDRs (for FREE!) to use in your voter outreach work! These brochures list what is accepted photo ID to go vote with, what your rights are at the polls, and what to do if you encounter a problem or have a question. Contact us to have a stack mailed to you for your next voter registration drive! (No more than 100 in a stack at a time.) Available in Spanish as well.

We want to continue to be able to offer these printed materials for free to those doing this important volunteer work and your contributions make that possible. Donate HERE!

In an effort to help meet demand and offer VDRs and individuals doing get out the vote (GOTV) work more options, we’ve reformatted the brochure (linked below) for ease of printing in home or at your local print shop.


More Info!

We’ve pulled together other information on some of the most often asked and confusing questions about voting in the state of Texas. Where possible, we’ve tried to provide information that is useful whether a voter has internet access or not.

Documents are yours to make copies of and distribute in your voter outreach work! It is our recommendation that you print two sided copies of all two page documents so as to conserve paper.

Please let us know how we can improve upon these resources by sending feedback HERE!

Get these same resources in Spanish! See below:


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