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Building A Strong Culture Of Civic Engagement in Texas

Our Vote Texas is focused on voter rights advocacy in the state of Texas. The mission is simply to provide Texans with information about their voter rights and to make sure they have the resources they need to combat efforts to undermine their vote.

We believe that voting is power and that Texas is strongest when people come together to protect their voice.

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Reaching New Voters & New Voter Rights Advocates

Defining Voter Suppression and fighting it.

Voter suppression is often a series of tactics or a strategy designed to discourage or prevent certain voters who might otherwise vote in an election.

There are a number of tactics you may already be familiar with…most notably tactics like voter purging and straight up voter intimidation.

Worth remembering however, is that voter suppression doesn’t have to be intentional or coming from a place of malice to achieve the same end result of disenfranchising voters.

  • Insufficient resources for election administration

  • Long lines

  • Faulty/old equipment

  • Poll closures

  • Reductions in early voting periods

  • Restrictive voter ID requirements

When we impose new obstacles and barriers to the path of voting it’s no surprise that inevitably, some voters may be less likely to vote.

The mission of Our Vote Texas is to make sure that all eligible voters in the Lone Star State have a clear path to the vote. That each voter is informed of their rights at the polls and given the resources they need to be able to cast their ballot.

Identifying voter suppression quickly enables us to call it when we see it and begin working to make voting easier and more accessible for our communities!

Join Our Efforts To Reach Texas Voters!

Are you a VDR or want to be one? Sign up to volunteer with us here and watch for upcoming opportunities to help us do voter registration and voter outreach!

Is your group interested in joining our grassroots coalition to focus on nonpartisan voter education and voter rights advocacy? Contact us at the link below for more information!

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on may 2nd, our vote texas screened rigged: The voter suppression playbook for austin, tx!

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