Our Vision

A Texas That Truly Represents Texans.


Texas Progressive Action Network first came together in mid January 2017.  

A group of Texans got together to discuss what we could do to move the needle forward in our ever changing home state.

We came up with a simple plan to be well informed advocates speaking to the issues we care about most - many issues of which have gone too long inadequately addressed.

The notion that better policy helps more people is so basic and fundamental, it’s almost hard to believe how quickly it gets lost during turbulent times.  We want to help cut through the noise of the moment to focus on what counts for the long haul.  

Our goals are straightforward: 

We will support good public policy and legislation that benefits Texans.

We will promote voter rights education and strong civic engagement.

We will hold our elected officials accountable for stronger leadership.

We can all do better.  Our leaders can do better.  By working together, we can be proponents of a Texas that is more representative of the people who call her home. 

Valerie Street

From the Rally Against SB4 in Austin, Texas

From the Rally Against SB4 in Austin, Texas