TPAN Speaks Out In Support Of House Inquiry

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Austin, TX - Statement by Valerie Street, president of Texas Progressive Action Network with regards to the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump:

“Our mission has been to work in service of Texas voters and to fight to protect our vote as well as the core tenets of democracy. Among those tenets is the need for fair elections and government accountability. We cannot honor that work without speaking to the moment before us.

We are now faced with growing evidence that President Trump sought out foreign influence to investigate a potential political opponent in the upcoming 2020 election. We support the current efforts by members of the United States House of Representatives to protect the people’s rights and preserve our Constitution.

“We must follow the facts of this impeachment inquiry as they unfold wherever they lead and restore responsible governance. It is through defending democracy and securing our electoral process that we can begin to restore the vote in America and finally, the power with her people.”

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