Supreme Court Lets Severe Gerrymandering Stand

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Valerie Street

Austin, TX - In a devastating blow to voters and advocates calling for an end to gerrymandering, the process by which lawmakers draw themselves into safe districts that solidify their power, the Supreme Court declared that such cases should not be weighed in on by federal courts. What they have stated is that voters now have only to look to the states and Congress for recourse in resolving partisan gerrymandering.

In her powerful dissent, Justice Elena Kagan wrote that Election day is what links people to their representatives & gives people their sovereign power.

We strongly agree and the decision today by the Supreme Court carries with it damning potential to undermine that power.

“In a state like Texas, there is little solace in the notion that we should look to the states or a divided Congress for guidance on redistricting reforms or as the means to end gerrymandering. Where gerrymandering reigns, democracy suffers. The voices of voters are held on mute. We will continue to push for more and more Texas voters to seize their power at the ballot box but we are disappointed in the Supreme Court's abdication in these gerrymandering cases. The fight for fair maps continues.” - Valerie Street, President of Texas Progressive Action Network

We will keep speaking out for a change to the broken way we draw maps in the state of Texas and we will continue to mobilize our communities to safeguard the power of our vote.

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