SCOTUS Decision To Halt Citizenship Question Is A Positive Outcome For 2020 Census


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Valerie Street

Austin, TX - In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court today chose to halt the citizenship question on the 2020 Census from progressing any further, instead sending it back down to a lower court for consideration.

“We are encouraged that the question is left unable to stand currently based on undeniable evidence of pretext.  A citizenship question would most certainly jeopardize the success of the count. “ - Valerie Street, President of Texas Progressive Action Network  

We know that this untested citizenship question is harmful, unnecessary, and most certainly politically-motivated. For more on this, visit this piece by Common Cause detailing the Hofeller Files

Citizens and noncitizens alike would feel the blow of an undercount because we know that the census is a roadmap to getting the resources we need to care for our communities at every single level.  If entire communities are missed, those resources will be misallocated for the next 10 years. 

We need to continue to listen to the guidance and concerns brought forth by business leaders, statistical and demographic scientists, former census directors, elected officials from all parties, as well as everyday citizens who have all spoken out against the inclusion of any citizenship question on the census. 

Texas demographer: Census citizenship question isn't necessary

Assessing Miscounts in the 2020 Census

We will continue to put our energy and focus on making sure our communities do not go undercounted as the result of policies meant to sow fear and distrust in vulnerable populations.

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