Texas Voters Demand A New Secretary Of State

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Valerie Street

Austin, TX — As the gavel came down signaling the end of the 86th Regular Legislative Session for Texas, it became clear that David Whitley will not continue to serve as Texas Secretary of State. 

In the final moments of the legislative session, it was reported that Secretary of State David Whitley offered his resignation to Governor Abbott’s office.

His time in that office will forever be marked by a costly and damaging voter roll purge that wrongly placed nearly 100,000 Texas voters in jeopardy.  His hasty and negligent actions brought about swift hysteria over the belief that voter fraud was running rampant in Texas.  In fact, it is not.  

There is no defense for these actions and Texans deserve so much more from our state officials charged with protecting the integrity of our elections as well as protecting Texas voters. 

We are grateful to the members of the Texas Senate who held strong to the very end against this nomination and for working to protect voters in the Lone Star State. 

Most importantly, we are grateful to Texans for rising up in numbers too big to ignore on this issue and for advocating tirelessly to protect Our Vote. 

“As more and more voters across the United States are realizing that voter suppression is the real threat to democracy, you will see more and more people come out stronger and louder against any attempt to suppress our voice.  Every single time.  We will never stop working to protect the vote.”  - Valerie Street, President of Texas Progressive Action Network

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