mobilizing voters in 2019

Know Your Texas Voter Rights.


Every eligible Texas voter should walk into a polling place feeling confident that they know what they know.

We are continuing the work of reaching out to voters in Texas to present voter rights education and to engage with our state's communities. 

  • Do you know what you need to be able to cast a ballot?

  • Do you know what to do if you encounter voter intimidation?

  • Do you have a voting plan in place for Election Day?

We want to make sure that information is accessible to you and that you are able to go back to your inner circles of friends and family and share these tools with them.

Texas Progressive Action Network recently launched Our Vote Texas, a grassroots project of ours dedicated to voter rights advocacy and civic engagement. Read more about that HERE!

Contact us to have us come to your next group meeting or neighborhood gathering for a voter rights discussion! Get involved with Our Vote Texas!


Help Us Reach More Voters In 2020

Currently, the Our Vote Texas project is providing Know Your Rights brochures to Texas VDRs to use in your voter outreach work! These brochures list

  • what is accepted photo ID to go vote with,

  • what your rights are at the polls, and

  • what to do if you encounter a problem or have a question.

    Contact us to have a stack mailed to you for your next voter registration drive! (No more than 100 in a stack at a time.)


Need to get an ID to vote in Texas?

Spread The Vote is now in Texas!  They are working hard to make sure that eligible voters who need help getting an ID to cast a ballot can get one.  We will be sharing information about Spread The Vote at our voter rights talks and you can also learn more below: 


Check out "Be A Texas Voter." 

This is a great resource - a voter education series produced by the League of Women Voters of Texas and the Dallas County Community College District.  It's geared towards helping young people (and all new voters) better understand their role as citizens in our state.