The Public Input Hearings Start Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 10th, the House Redistricting Committee kicks off public input hearings that are geared toward getting community feedback on what the next round of redistricting maps needs to look like! These hearings will take place in various parts of Texas but tomorrow’s first hearing will take place at the Capitol here in Austin! Details HERE!
The next hearing is coming up right behind it on September 12th in San Antonio! Check details HERE.

Why Is This Important?

The process by which our lawmakers draw their own district maps is anything but transparent.

We’re urging communities to show up and be represented, and to urge committee members to take steps to make the process fair and open. Our district lines impact us in so many ways (the bread and butter issues) and we deserve to have a process that can stand up to observation.

Even if you can’t show up tomorrow, you can contact members of the committee and talk to them about your community and how the current redistricting process has impacted you.

Some Helpful Resources!

Our fellow Fair Maps Texas coalition members have put together tools and resources that will help you mobilize for hearings in your area! Check out what’s below:

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