It's National Voter Registration Day

TEXAS! Today, Tuesday, September 24th, is National Voter Registration Day and it’s the perfect time to make sure you’re #VoteReady for the next election.

Did you know we have an election coming up THIS November 5th?

Our November 2019 elections will have state constitutional amendments on the ballot and it’s so important that we show up and make our voice heard.

Want to know how you can check your registration status or get registered today?

Visit “Am I Registered?” HERE to check your status and make sure your registration is current. If you already know you need to register, click on the form to print it out, complete it, and then mail it in. Your registration is not complete until you mail it in!

No printer, no problem!

Your local post office, public library and county tax office will have voter registration forms for you that are free to take!

Doing GOTV work?

Our Vote Texas has resources available to you to use in your voter outreach activities! Check us out and contact us if you have any questions or need more materials!