Tell Congress: The Citizenship Question Has To Go

We’re elevating the action alert from The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights today to write Congress right now and tell them to put an end to corruption by pulling the citizenship question from the 2020 Census.

Just last week the news broke that the Trump administration has been plotting to intentionally suppress Black and Brown votes to increase Republican voting power in all levels of government. The consequences of these actions would be disastrous for so many communities across the country.

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and 2020 Census Could Lead To Worst Undercount Of Black, Latinx People In 30 Years

TAKE ACTION TODAY to tell your representative in Congress to remove the citizenship question using The Leadership’s letter tool below! They have the authority and power to do that now, regardless of when the Supreme Court rules.

From The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights:
The late Tom Hofeller, who is well known for his redistricting efforts to increase Republican power, detailed his plan to favor Republicans and non-Hispanic Whites and drafted the first version of the guidance that the Department of Justice shared with the Department of Commerce. All this time, the administration has been pushing the lie that the citizenship question was intended to enforce the Voting Rights Act. But what they were really trying to do was subvert it by suppressing the same voters it was intended to protect.

Click below and send your letter TODAY! Then share this action with others!

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