The Fight For Fair Maps Continues

Today, the Supreme Court decided that partisan gerrymandering cases are non-justiciable — This means federal courts cannot consider such challenges.

The troubling reality is that this sends a message to lawmakers that it’s business as usual when it comes to drawing themselves and their party into safe control of power.

For more, read: Supreme Court Bars Challenges To Partisan Gerrymandering

The other message it sends is one to voters: That we are unable to look to federal courts to be a check on lawmakers who draw their own districts up behind closed doors.

See our full statement from this morning’s decision HERE.

We will continue to push for ways to make ourselves heard in fixing our broken system for redistricting here in Texas and we urge all Texans to join the Fair Maps Texas movement now! Our communities need your voice as we gear up for the state’s redistricting in 2021!