Stand For Sandra Bland

We’re issuing a revised alert this morning for HB 2754 which was reconsidered last night in the Texas House and failed to pass.

This bill could help strengthen the Sandra Bland Act but key to its success is the absence of any language in the bill that allows members of law enforcement the discretion to act on mere "belief" that someone will not fulfill an obligation to be present for court dates.

This kind of language in a bill opens a path for officers to arrest in a manner that doesn't serve anyone. Specifically, this kind of bill language does not protect individuals from the kind of arrest as was the case with Sandra Bland.

We ask that when contacting your state rep TODAY that you make this information clear. 
This bill is supposed to be reconsidered today and tonight at midnight is when the clock runs out for the Texas House with bills so this is critically time sensitive.  

Below is text of previous post: 

On Monday, it was reported that previously unseen cellphone footage from Sandra Bland's traffic stop-turned arrest shows her perspective when a Texas state trooper hollered at her and threatened her with a Taser. 

Although dashcam footage shows that Bland had her phone in her hand during the confrontation with the trooper, officials never publicly released the footage.

For more, read: New cellphone video shows what Sandra Bland saw during arrest by Texas trooper
Four Years Later, Sandra Bland’s Arrest Continues to Sow Distrust in Law Enforcement

This "never before seen evidence" in this particular case and in so many others demonstrates clearly why it is so important to critically question every use of force incident involving members of law enforcement.  

Now there are multiple pieces of legislation currently going nowhere in the Texas Legislature that could strengthen the Sandra Bland Act (Among those are: HB 482, its companion, SB 2010, and HB 2754, which seems to have backtracked entirely).

While time may be running out, it's important that we write our lawmakers and remind them to work for policies that make sure what happened to Sandra Bland happens no more.  There can be no peace where there is no justice.

Please contact your legislator today. Speak out for Sandra Bland.