See HB 2048 Across The Finish Line

Last week, the Texas Senate passed HB 2048, a bill that repeals the "Driver Responsibility Program," which keeps low income Texans trapped in debt and fuels mass incarceration. 

Now it goes back over to the House and the Senate version and House version of the bill must be reconciled and voted on. Urge your representative to vote YES on HB 2048!

Utilize ACLU of TX's action tool and send a ready to go letter for this bill today. 
From ACLU of TX:

In ending this program, people will no longer be forced to pay unreasonable fines and surcharges while their driver's license is suspended. These types of suspensions create a two-tiered system of justice where well-off and low-income people receive different punishments solely based on the amount of money in their wallet.

Let's see HB 2048 across the finish line!

REMINDER: Join Our Vote Texas tomorrow night for a happy hour in Austin, TX and let's celebrate the near end of session!! Thursday, May 23rd @ 7pm @ Better Half Coffee and Cocktails