A Victory For Voters Tonight In Texas!

We are happy tonight to see that what would have been a devastating bill for Texas voters and the growth of civic engagement we hope to be a part of in the Lone Star State, SB 9, will not advance further in the legislative session, making it a dead piece of legislation. 

Every time that those in power seek to strip us of our voice, our vote, we are called upon to rise up and band together.  To work to defend that which the generations before us fought, and even gave their lives to secure....our vote. 

We know that the fight is never over and by no means is this session over. Some of the cruelest elements of this bill dressed up as “election integrity” that targeted voting could still make an appearance before all is said and done. We must remain vigilant and protect our vote until the last measure is taken up, until Sine Die. 

Tonight however, we want to say thank you to everyone who made a call, sent a letter, showed up to testify, and who showed up to be a presence for voter rights in the state of Texas.

Yours in the fight, 
All of us at Texas Progressive Action Network 
and Our Vote Texas