SB 9 Comes To The House

Don't forget that tomorrow starting at 8am in E2.016, the House Elections Committee is meeting and the only bill on their agenda is SB 9

You can take action to fight this damaging bill that attacks Texas voters by showing up and registering against the bill, 
by testifying in opposition, 
and/or by writing your state rep and urging them to stop this bill from ever becoming law!

Use this ready to go letter from Texas Civil Rights Project and send a message to your representative now so they know where you stand!

From Texas Civil Rights Project:

This piece of legislation calls for:

  • Harsh punishments for people who commit innocent mistakes while voting

  • Fewer polling locations in lower-income communities and communities of color

  • Less access to the polls for the elderly and people with disabilities

  • Fewer protections for voter information like your Social Security Number

  • More racist voter purges

Tell your Representative in the Texas House to protect voting rights and vote NO on SB 9!

Also happening tomorrow:

HB 3227 comes up for a hearing in Senate Criminal Justice Committee.

This bill works to fix deep gender disparities in job certification programs and educational opportunities available in prison. We took action on this bill to get it out of the House and now we need to show support for it to get it through the Senate!  

While showing your opposition to the dreaded SB 9....please stop by a kiosk and register FOR HB 3227!

For more on this bill, see our action alert from March!

P.S. - While our state legislature may be trying to pass horrible bills like SB 9, which only makes voting harder in an already hard to vote state, we're going to spend our summer and 2019 working on registering voters, providing voter resources and information + helping voters to take back their power at the polls!  
Join our efforts by volunteering with us or making the gift of a donation to help us in this mission! #OurVoteTexas