SB 9 Hearing On Wednesday

On Wednesday starting at 8am in E2.016...

SB 9 has its day in House Elections Committee.

This bill is a knee jerk reaction from lawmakers to Texas voters rising up in numbers too big to ignore at the polls in 2018. This cannot be the perpetual formula here in the state of Texas -- That every time voters reach for the ballot, state officials are there to restrict voting access. 
SB 9 chips away at the efforts of many to boost civic engagement and amounts to legislative voter suppression.

For more, check out the letter we submitted to the Texas House of Representatives.
(Which we also posted as an open letter on our site.)

  • On Wednesday, May 15, please show up and attend the hearing, testify, or register your opposition to this damaging bill. Hearing details HERE.

  • If you can't be there in person, please contact committee members and make it clear that they need to vote NO.

Bills like SB 9 should never become law! In a state where it's already an uphill battle to vote for many, this piece of legislation just hits at some of our most vulnerable, making it that much harder to cast a ballot. 
We're fully awake to modern day voter suppression tactics and we're throwing that old playbook OUT.

SB 9 belongs in that heap.

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