SB 974 Hits At Voters And Local Gov

This coming week some key bills that we've been following are coming up for hearings in the Texas House and we need your help! Here’s our first post about one of them…

SB 974 is a bill that takes aim at local government's ability to implement public campaign financing. This is legislation that hurts Texas voters as it is through these kinds of programs that everyday voters can get their voices elevated in the political process, rather than just special interest groups and big donors running the show.  

For more, read this excellent piece from the folks of Common Cause TexasThe case for publicly financed campaigns in Texas

This bill comes up for a hearing on Monday, May 13th. 

Please contact members of the House Elections Committee and urge them to reject this bill. In a session that has been riddled with attacks on local control, this is yet another avenue state lawmakers are going down to stop local governments from answering the needs specific to their communities.  

Things you can do:

1) Attend the hearing on Monday, May 13th at 10am in E2.016. Details HERE
Sign up to testify or register your opposition to the bill!

2) Contact committee members and urge them to vote NO on SB 974. Public campaign financing programs can do a lot to pull back some of the power of big money in politics and this bill takes away all ability to implement these solutions.

3) TWEET! Copy our sample tweets below and post this weekend and especially on Monday during the hearing!

Sample tweets:

Tweet 1: Public campaign financing programs make space for everyday Texans, not just special interest groups and big pocket books. Let's bring more people to the table. Say NO to #SB974. #txlege

Tweet 2: Public campaign financing helps everyday voters engage and contribute + it gives more opportunities to those who want to run for office but lack personal wealth or rich networks. #SB974 puts a stop to local level opportunities for these programs. Vote NO. #txlege

Tweet 3: #SB974 takes away local government's ability to implement public campaign financing that gives voters the mic. When politicians spend more time listening to "big money" instead of voters in their communities, we've got problems. Don't mute us, #txlege. Vote NO on #SB974

Watch for more action alerts on bills coming this week!