Rigged: The Recap!

Last week on May 2nd, Our Vote Texas (a project we started back in April) hosted a free screening of Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook in Austin, TX.

We know that voter suppression has by no means lessened in the years of late, it’s merely become more nuanced. In the upcoming election season 2020, it will take arming ourselves with education on our rights as voters and talking to our communities far and wide about their rights to overcome every obstacle, every hurdle thrown our way.

Even now, we must stay vigilant against attempts to thwart Texas voters and make it even more difficult (in an already difficult state) to vote. We must never stop working to protect our right to be heard in our political process. #OurVote matters.

Our Vote Texas is our focused effort on voter registration, voter education and voter rights advocacy.


You’ve seen “Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook”…

  • In 2018, a few statewide, citizen-led initiatives addressing gerrymandering passed. States with new anti-gerrymandering laws include Michigan, Utah, Missouri and Colorado. The initiatives set up bi-partisan or independent re-districting committees. These citizen led movements show that everyday voters have the wherewithal to make our representative government more democratic and in tune with the will of the people.  Get involved with the Texas effort by visiting Fair Maps Texas at www.fairmapstexas.org!

  • Support the work of voting rights groups by making a donation!  These groups fight to protect our voting rights in the courts.  Groups like ACLU, Common Cause, the League of Women Voters, Texas Civil Rights Project, Legal Defense Fund, Campaign Legal Center and the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, Advancement Project.

  • Volunteer with groups like Spread The Vote Texas in helping eligible voters obtain the necessary ID they need to vote in Texas!  An ID is critical to things like housing, employment and much more…including access to the ballot! https://www.spreadthevote.org/

  • Talk to communities about the realities of voter suppression.  It is suppression, not voter fraud that we need to be most concerned about.  In the case of our most recent attempted voter purge by Texas Secretary of State David Whitley, how quickly did those calls for fraud escalate  (all the way to the White House)?  We need to elevate the truth just as fiercely as those who practice suppression elevate lies.  Join Texas Progressive Action Network to help us in this mission!

  • Voter roll maintenance can be properly done and in fact, is the law, but the way these cleanups are done is so often flawed and impacts legitimate voters.  We can talk to our county voter registrar offices and find out what their ground rules are for voter roll maintenance and take our concerns to our state representatives or Secretary of State’s office.  (Who, ideally, is someone not misusing the system already! Continue calling on your Senator to reject David Whitley’s nomination!)

  • Pay attention to the men and women nominated for federal and state judgeships.  This branch of government plays a key role in interpreting voting rights legislation and in protecting our right to vote. 

  • Remember (and remind others) of the importance of our local and state elections.  The down ballot races matter because local and state offices determine voting rights protection, spending on schools, roads, healthcare, criminal justice and your taxes.

  • We can fight voter intimidation by staying vigilant, talking to our communities, using 866-OUR-VOTE to report a problem or ask a question, and by arming ourselves and others with information about our rights at the polls!

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