Support These Bills In Committee!

There are a few bills moving through the hearings process right now and you still have time to voice support for them! Here's what we've got: 

Committee Hearing Today:

  • HB 542 and HB 552 are both up for a hearing today in the House Elections Committee. 542 seeks to make Native American tribal ID a valid form of ID at the polls. This is important because that is not currently among the list of accepted forms of identification and there are three federally recognized tribes in our state. 
    552 would require that high schools make voter registration forms available for students and employees at the school. This matters because last year it was reported that many schools in Texas are not in compliance.  

  • If you will be at the Capitol today, please register your support at one of the kiosks. If you can't be there today, please contact members of the House Elections Committee and let them know you support HB 542 and HB 552! 
    Sample Script: 
    I urge you to support HB 542 and HB 552 as both of these bills aim to make the path to voting more accessible for underserved and overlooked groups of voters in the state of Texas. HB 542 allows simply for Native American tribal identification to be accepted at the polls and HB 552 helps schools get in compliance with their obligation to make sure they're providing the opportunity for students to register to vote by making forms available to them.  Thank you for your support of voters and helping us to exercise civic engagement!

Recently Heard - Still Time To Act: