Support Children's Health Coverage

Right now SB 637 is sitting in Senate Health and Human Services Committee and it needs a hearing. We know time is running out on the legislative clock.

What does this bill do?

This bill keeps children from getting knocked off their health coverage by providing 12 consecutive months of care for children on Medicaid. The current system is overly burdensome in that it requires parents to verify their income up to 5 times a year and the result is kids at risk for falling into gaps of coverage or falling off their coverage altogether.

SB 637 takes important steps to helping children stay covered and healthy.

ACTION for 4/26/2019:

Write members of the Health and Human Services Committee and urge them to give this important bill its day in a hearing!

Use the League of Women Voters of Texas's ready-to-go letter writing tool HERE and let committee members know where you stand on SB 637!

University Of Houston Students!

We're at UH campus today registering voters all day in the student center satellite lobby. Stop by and see us and get signed up to vote or update your registration! #NeverMissAVote