Voting Bills Need Support!

There are 3 bills still sitting in the House Elections Committee waiting on a hearing and time is running out. We encourage you to contact members of the committee today and urge them to move to consider the pieces of legislation we've listed below. For even MORE great bills to support, check out this helpful thread from Common Cause Texas!  

Give These Bills A Hearing!

  • HB 375 - Puts a polling place on college campuses in need of one!  Check out our action alert on it HERE.

  • HB 1950 - Makes student ID an accepted form of voter ID! See our post on it HERE!

  • HB 361 - This is the bill with bipartisan support in the House that makes way for online voter registration in the state of Texas. It's TIME. See our alert on it HERE!  SB 734 is HB 361's companion bill in the Senate!

We hope that members of House Elections will join us in supporting a discussion of these bills!  Bills that make voting better for more Texas voters deserve a hearing!  

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