Strike The Census Citizenship Question

178 groups, including us, filed an amicus brief in Department of Commerce v. New York urging the Supreme Court to strike the 2020 Census citizenship question.

Texas Progressive Action Network joined the many groups and organizations advocating for this because we stand in opposition to a citizenship question that undermines the accuracy and fairness of #Census2020.

The data that the 2020 Census provides will help determine how federal funding is distributed state by state. If misrepresented, any inaccurate data can have huge negative impact for hard to count states like Texas. Being left out of the count can deprive our population groups and communities of vital public and private resources.

  1. Learn more and read the amicus brief HERE!

  2. For more on how Texas stands to lose if we go undercounted, see The Texas Tribune’s January 2019 piece HERE.

  3. One way you can take action to support a fair and accurate 2020 Census is to write our Texas lawmakers and urge them to support HB 255 - a Complete Count for Texas!