Protect Immigrant Communities

There are a few bills being laid out in the House State Affairs Committee TODAY that work to protect immigrants in Texas. You can contact committee members to support them! *If you're down at the Capitol today please sign in at one of the kiosks and register your support for these bills!

HB 2266 - Repeals SB 4, the anti-immigrant law passed last session that results in racial profiling. This bill helps restore trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement.

HB 445 - Allows schools, institutions of higher learning, places of worship and healthcare facilities to be safe spaces from ICE and CBP reach.

HB 652 - Protects those who need to come forward and seek services because of domestic violence trauma.

HB 35 - Makes our roads safer by expanding access to driver's permits.

ACTION for 4/17/2019:

Immigrant communities are our communities and all of these bills seek to make things better for the places we all call home.

TAKE ACTION --> Let's stand for our neighbors by contacting members of the House State Affairs Committee today and urging them to support these bills!

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