Your Senator's Vote On SB 9

SB 9, a bill that targets voters and makes it harder for eligible voters to cast their ballots, was passed this week and goes on to the Texas House.

See How Your Senator Voted Below:

Voted FOR: Bettencourt, Birdwell, Buckingham, Campbell, Creighton, Fallon, Flores, Hall, Hancock, Huffman, Hughes, Kolkhorst, Nelson, Nichols, Paxton, Perry, Schwertner, Seliger, Taylor.

Voted AGAINST: Alvarado, Hinojosa, Johnson, Lucio, Menendez, Miles, Powell, Rodrıguez, Watson, West, Whitmire, Zaffirini.

Official record can be found HERE.

If your Senator voted against, take a minute to send them a THANK YOU for standing up to protect voters!

Be sure to contact your State Rep now to urge them to stop SB 9 from ever becoming law! Follow Texas Civil Rights Project’s action alert HERE.

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