Bringing The Fight For Voters To Texas House

Yesterday the Texas Senate gave passage to SB 9. The fight for Texas voters now goes to the House.

"Always in an unmistakeable mask of 'election integrity,' bills like SB 9 are meant to lure constituents into believing that these kinds of restrictive bills are necessary. That we have to have laws like it passed in order to preserve the sanctity of our votes.
But this is not the case...."

Read our full statement on yesterday's vote HERE.

ACTION for 4/16/2019:

We will waste no time in joining others urging you to take this fight to your state rep because this battle has to be won in the House.

Contact your representative and urge them to stop SB 9 from becoming law. Remind them that Texans will not tolerate attacks on our vote and that we need our lawmakers to stand for voters, not against us!

Follow this action alert from Texas Civil Rights Project and contact your state rep TODAY!  

Thank you for engaging on this important fight!

BONUS Action:

Got time for one more today? Join the League of Women Voters in urging your Senator in Congress to support a hearing for the For The People Act!

From LWV:

The League of Women Voters is calling on U.S. Senators to hold a hearing on this bill. The American people deserve to know why their Senators don’t want to ensure every eligible citizen being able to register and vote.

They deserve to know what harm will be caused by taking the politics out of redistricting.

Finally, they deserve to know why we should be allowing big money interests to hide in the shadows and influence the votes of the American people.  

This legislation isn’t a power grab by politicians, it’s a power grab by the American people.

Take Action --> Contact your Senators today to get a hearing For The People!