Read: The Vote On SB 9 Today

On the progression of SB 9 today in the Texas Senate:

Always in an unmistakeable mask of "election integrity," bills like SB 9 are meant to lure constituents into believing that these kinds of restrictive bills are necessary. That we have to have laws like it passed in order to preserve the sanctity of our votes.

But this is not the case. These laws hurt Texas voters and only make it more difficult for eligible voters to cast their ballots. At a time when every Texas voter needs to raise their voice and have a say in their leadership, in their future, our own elected officials are voting against us. Sadly this is not the first time. We have a painful legacy of Texas leadership voting against voters and this simply must end.

SB 9:

  • targets voters,

  • makes it harder to mobilize voters and

  • amounts to little more than legislative voter intimidation.

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See how your Senator voted on SB 9 HERE.

This bill, which purports to prioritize voter roll accuracy, could have taken great steps toward advancing this objective by an amendment that would have allowed for online voter registration but it was voted down. Online voter registration is more accurate, cost effective, and betters the voter registration process for Texans. Doing the best we can and the most we can for voters should have been the goal today and unfortunately, we did not see much of that.

Every time Texans rise up at the polls, the immediate reaction from our lawmakers cannot be to slam us down.

We deserve better. We will continue to fight for better. This is our vote and we will never stop working to protect it.

We urge you now to contact your state representative and make sure they understand that Texas voters will not tolerate attacks on #ourvote.