NO On SB 903

Quick action today to call or write your senator and tell them to vote NO on SB 903.

What is SB 903?

This bill seems to be aimed at securing the kinds of actions taken by David Whitley in the voter purge mess we now find ourselves in.

It could be coming up on the floor for a vote soon.

We join with groups like ACLU of TX and MALDEF in opposing this bill.

ACTION for 4/12/2019:

We are urging you to call or write your state senator to vote NO on SB 903. The entire process for this attempted voter purge from Secretary of State Whitley is precisely why voter roll maintenance procedures are often times such a problem. They are too frequently misapplied and abused. In too many cases, legitimate voters suffer the consequences. We don't need laws making it easier to utilize the system this way.

Contact your state senator and tell them to reject SB 903.

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