Bring Online Voter Registration to Texas - HB 361/SB 734

We've already spoken about the need for a modernizing of our antiquated voter registration process in Texas.

Texas is not leading the way when it comes to all things voting by a long shot and it's time for some changes!

Texas is one of just 10 states left that does NOT offer online voter registration. Back in May of 2018, a court ruled that Texas stood in violation of the Motor Voter Act and the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause and that Texas needed to implement online voter registration (OVR) to get in compliance. Rather than bolster eligible Texans’ path to the ballot box, state officials have, for too long, sought to stall modernizing our voter registration process via appeals and court battles.

Online voter registration is smart, it's cost effective, it's secure and less prone to error. This is good sense policy, it should be bipartisan, and we need everyone to get behind it this session!

ACTION for 3/8/2019:

We need to send messages to the Chair and Vice Chair of the House Committee on Elections and urge them to give HB 361 (an online voter registration bill) a hearing date! So far the bill has only been referred to committee but has not had any other action taken.

Tell Representative Klick and Representative Cortez that this bill deserves its day in committee. Bonus if you send your message to all members on the committee!

Sample Letter Text:

Texas is badly in need of modernizing our antiquated and troublesome voter registration process.
Online voter registration is smart, it's cost effective, it's secure and less prone to error. It's good sense policy and that's why we need bills like HB 361.
Please put HB 361 on the Elections Committee agenda because this bill deserves a hearing and Texans deserve legislation that champions voting!

Then we need you to do the same thing for the Senate Committee on State Affairs and SB 734 (which is a HB 361 companion bill). SB 734 is also awaiting its hearing date!

Let's give these bills every fighting chance we can this session so we can make online voter registration not just a thing some Texans mistakenly think we already have, but something that is actually REAL and good for the state of Texas!

--> Send a message to Representative Klick (Chair) and Representative Cortez (Vice Chair)

--> Send a message to Senator Huffman (Chair) and Senator Hughes (Vice Chair)

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