Your Action Alert Recap! (3/4/19)

Our action alerts are all available here on the site but it helps to have a post where everything is conveniently located!


We've simplified ways for you to make yourself HEARD this year and this session. Check out the ongoing calls to action below and contact your lawmakers!
Newest alerts are down at the bottom but all of these calls to action are ongoing!

--> It's Time For Online Voter Registration
--> Support Redistricting Reform
--> Stop Prison Gerrymandering
--> Voting Rights Champions In The Legislature
--> Complete Count For Texas!
--> Put A Polling Place On Campuses!
--> Calling VDRs!
--> Make Student IDs Count At The Ballot Box
--> Support H.R. 1
--> Speak Up For HB 623!
--> Call For Public Hearings For Redistricting
--> Common Sense Gun Legislation
--> The Call For Medicaid Expansion
--> Stand Against HB 1500
--> Speak Out Against SB 15
--> Get Loud On Redistricting Bills This Session!