NO To SB 17 - Don't Wield Religion To Discriminate

There's a bill coming up for its hearing this morning in the Senate State Affairs Committee that would protect licensed professionals who want to impose their personal religious beliefs in their work with patients and clients. Bills like this are what are commonly known as "religious exemptions."

SB 17 is bad for Texans when it means that services can be denied to them simply because of someone else's religious beliefs. We have to reject policies that wield religion to discriminate.

We're joining the call along with many other organizations speaking out against this bad bill.

For more, see: Equality Texas Calls SB 17 the #1 Threat to the LGBTQ Community for the 2019 Legislative Session

ACTION for 3/25/2019:

You can take action today by contacting members of the Senate State Affairs Committee and telling them you don't support this bill and that policies that potentially hurt LGBTQ Texans should be an automatic 'no'.

** You can also add your name to this petition by ACLU of TX to keep religious discrimination out of Texas! Add your name HERE!