YES on HB 3227 - Better Support For Women In TX Prisons

There are a number of bills this session aimed at addressing some basic needs of incarcerated women in Texas and one of them is up for a hearing in the House Corrections Committee tomorrow, Thursday!

Rep. Donna Howard has authored a bill geared towards fixing deep gender disparities in job certification programs and educational opportunities available in prison.

For example, incarcerated men can choose from a list of 21 professions and have the option of walking out of prison a certified welder, cabinet maker or computer technologist.

However women only get two career certification choices in Texas prisons: “office administration” and “culinary arts/hospitality management." There are also noted disparities in education, technical training and rehabilitation programs offered to incarcerated women. Men can obtain higher education degrees while the same cannot be said for women in the system.

For more on this, read: "Black holes of inattention" lead to stark gender disparities in the Texas prison system, according to a new report.

ACTION for 3/20/2019:

HB 3227 is the bill up for a hearing on Thursday (3/21) in the House Corrections Committee, authored by Rep. Howard.

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