Support HB 1950 And Student Voters!

We are major supporters of legislative efforts to address the needs of student voters in Texas. From bills that would seek to bring ballot box access to university campuses to bills that allow for student ID as an accepted form of voter ID.

The reason for this is simple. Student IDs are given to most every college student after they've provided proof of identity upon enrollment. This makes them secure and convenient options for voter ID. As we've said before: This is just one of those good sense policies that needs to be a thing already. HB 1950 accomplishes that!

Elected officials make decisions on topics like student debt, funding for higher education, and the economy. Often times in midterm elections and in off year elections, local offices are on the ballot and can be decided by a matter of just a few votes.

Local offices as well as local issues can have a direct impact on a student’s home and college community.

And we know that voting early in life is key to making it a lifelong habit. We need the future leaders of Texas participating in the elections of the present, right now!

ACTION for 3/15/2019:

We need to contact members of the House Elections Committee and urge them to give HB 1950 a hearing! Take two minutes to tell committee members to put it on the agenda so that community members and students can have a chance to come out in support of this bill!

Here's sample letter text you can email committee members:

I'm writing members of the House Elections Committee to urge them to schedule a hearing for HB 1950.
This bill seeks to make voter ID an accepted form of student ID - something I believe is long overdue for students voters in Texas.
Student IDs are given to nearly every college student after providing proof of their identity upon enrollment. They are convenient and secure options for voter ID.
We need to be working to make sure our students have access to the franchise and are engaging in the elections of our time. By making student ID an acceptable form of voter ID we can open up the path to voting for so many students, the future leaders of Texas. Thank you for your work in supporting voters!

Can't email all committee members? Focus your efforts on Chair Klick and Vice Chair Cortez!

Thank you for all you do!
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