Get Loud On Redistricting Bills This Session! #FairMaps

Yesterday the Texas House Redistricting Committee convened in their first meeting of the session!

And it seems there’s a lot they will need to catch up on because there are a few redistricting bills that have already been filed so far.


This weekend, email committee members and remind them:

  • We want opportunities for public testimony at committee hearings.
    The House committee on Redistricting has met just a couple of times so far and met 0 times last session. Zero. Texans have been waiting to be heard on this issue so it’s not too much to ask for the chance to speak before the committee.

  • Let them know the bills that are out there and waiting for their review! They are:

    - HB 3421 - Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission

    - HJR 123 - Constitutional amendment establishing the Texas Redistricting Commission to redistrict the Texas Legislature, Texas congressional districts, and State Board of Education districts
    - HB 3928 - Relating to Texas Redistricting Commission; enabling legislation for HJR 123
    - HB 104 - Prison Gerrymandering

    - HJR 25 - Establish a bi-partisan redistricting commission

    - HB 312 - Establish a bi-partisan redistricting commission

    - HJR 59 - Establish bi-partisan citizen redistricting commission, which has public hearings built into the bill

We want to reform the way Texas draws its voting maps and each of these bills takes necessary steps towards fixing that broken process. All of these bills are deserving of their day in committee!