Reject Whitley's Nomination!

The Senate Nominations Committee in the Texas Legislature will be meeting this morning at 9am and on the docket is David Whitley's nomination as Texas Secretary of State.

Mr. Whitley's completely botched attempt to update voter rolls places unnecessary burden on tens of thousands of voters. It amounts to such a mishandling of the responsibilities of the office as to deem Whitley unfit for the job.

We believe this amounts to a very deliberate infringement on voter rights -- calculated voter suppression.

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Op-ed piece: Where the hunt for voter fraud is worse than the crime itself

ACTION for 2/07/2019:

If your senator is on the Nominations Committee, we're asking you to call their office and urge them to vote NO on David Whitley's nomination.

Texans do not need a Secretary of State who silences their lawful votes and so egregiously risks the integrity of our elections in the process.

Below are the members of the Senate Nominations Committee and their individual office numbers. If your senator is on this list, please call their office first thing this morning - AHEAD of the 9am hearing.

Dawn Buckingham (512) 463-0124

Kirk Watson (512) 463-0114

Carol Alvarado (512) 463-0106

Bob Hall (512) 463-0102

Lois Kolkhorst (512) 463-0118

Borris L. Miles (512) 463-0113

Kel Seliger (512) 463-0131

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