Make Student IDs Count At The Ballot Box

Students face unique barriers to voting. One such barrier is the requirement to bring an accepted form of ID to cast a ballot.

The reason for this is that some states do not allow student IDs as an accepted form of voter ID at the polls.

Texas is one such state. Texas is one of just a handful of states that does not accept a student ID under the terms of its current voter ID law.

But worth knowing:

Student IDs are given to nearly every college student after providing proof of their identity upon enrollment. They are convenient and secure options that should be acceptable voter ID.

SB 165 in the Texas Senate aims to establish same day voter registration (vote by provisional ballot) and make student IDs a valid form of ID to present when students go vote.

ACTION for 2/05/2019:

Send a quick message to your senator telling them we need legislation like SB 165!

Elected officials make decisions on topics like student debt, funding for higher education, and the economy. Often times in midterm elections and in off year elections, local offices are on the ballot and can be decided by a matter of just a few votes.

Local offices as well as local issues can have a direct impact on a student’s home and college community.

And we know that voting early in life is key to making it a lifelong habit. We need the future leaders of Texas participating in the elections of the present, right now!

TX Lege, VotingTPAN