Speak Out Against SB 15

We’re joining the action to contact our senators and speak against bills like SB 15, a bill which is nothing short of an attack on local democracy that hurts everyday Texans just like us.

Because state government in Texas has, over the course of many years now, failed to address the needs of our working families, local governance has stepped up. SB 15 seeks to put an end to that.

This bill would prevent local jurisdictions from acting in the interests of the people right in their own communities.
Most notably, SB 15 could negatively impact these necessary policies:

  • paid sick leave

  • paid family and medical leave

  • pay history discrimination

For more, see: SB 15 Is a Step Backwards for Hard Working Texans, by Center For Public Policy Priorities

ACTION for 2/28/2019:

Send a message to your senator’s office and urge them to support Texas working families and the policies that benefit them. SB 15 is most definitely not one of those.