A Vote On Whitley TODAY!

Today we’re elevating this call to action from Common Cause Texas.

The Senate Nominations Committee announced yesterday afternoon of its intention to take a vote on David Whitley’s confirmation for Secretary of State THIS MORNING.

While we know that Democratic senators have come out united against this nomination, we can afford to take NO chances. The damage has already been done and its ripple effects could further impact Texas voters. David Whitley absolutely CANNOT be Secretary of State.

For more, see: GOP Bills Would Force Registrars To Remove People Flagged As Potential Noncitizens From Voter Rolls

Recall that in his hearing before this same committee, when asked if he could define voter suppression his response was:


Our votes are not irrelevant. 
Efforts to undermine them are not irrelevant. 
Texas voters will not be moved on this and it's time to be DONE with David Whitley. 

ACTION for 2/28/2019:

We urge you to contact your senator one more time using the Common Cause Texas tool HERE!

Make them reaffirm their commitment to stopping this nomination OR (if they're not a NO), urge them again to stand up for Texas voters!

David Whitley’s actions are not a series of unfortunate missteps that we should all excuse as the markings of one finding their footing in a new position. On the contrary, Mr. Whitley must fully own this failure and has demonstrated he is incapable of cleaning up his own mess.

The committee hearing is scheduled to begin today at 9am. Don't miss your chance to drive the point home one more time with your senator that we must stand united against this nomination.

Thank you for sticking up for voters!

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