To TX Senate Leadership: Our Thank You

Our thanks to members of the senate who have chosen to stand with us, the Texas voters, in rejecting the David Whitley nomination for Secretary of State.

There are now enough votes in the Texas Senate to block Secretary of State David Whitley’s nomination.

For more, read: All 12 Senate Democrats oppose Texas Secretary of State David Whitley. That's more than enough to block his nomination.

What this shows us is that when everyday voters stand up and speak out, we can turn the tide on misdeeds, incompetence, and dubious voter suppression tactics. Thousands of Texans wrote and called their leadership on this issue and it is their constituency that members of the senate are listening to and fighting for and for that, we are thankful. That’s what representation looks like.

The work of undoing the damage of any wrongful voter purge is always more complex than a one day victory. Undoing a sorted history of voter disenfranchisement in the state of Texas that has resulted from lack of resources, adequate voter education, restrictive voter ID requirements and districts where politicians choose their voters is an effort that requires all of us — the seasoned major organization and the grassroots advocate — to work together on.

Thus, the need for continued voter rights advocacy this session is no less strong after today but we are glad to see united leadership on this matter and we look forward to the work to come.

The fight continues.

Valerie Street