Last Call - #BlockWhitley

If you haven't yet, we urge you to write your state senator TODAY and make sure they know that David Whitley has

  • lost the faith of the people,

  • undermined Texas voters,

  • and CANNOT be Secretary of State.

This should be an easy decision for members of the Texas Senate to make. They're either going to stand with voters or they're going to stand with dubious tactics from a tried and TIRED playbook of voter suppression in the modern era.

For more, see our latest --> It Can't Be Whitley For Secretary Of State

ACTION for 2/22/2019:

Write your Texas senator in the state legislature to tell them they must #BlockWhitley.

You can use the sample letter script below:

I’m writing to make sure my senator plans to reject David Whitley's nomination as Secretary of State. It's important that the person in this role, who oversees our elections and is meant to maintain election integrity, can effectively do their job and protect Texas voters. On all fronts, Mr. Whitley has come up irresponsibly short and we as voters deserve better. I hope I can count on _____________ to stand with Texas voters and reject this nomination. Thank you.

Your name


If your senator has already come out against Whitley's nomination, please take a minute to write them a THANK YOU.

Thank you for taking action! Catch up on other action alerts this week by visiting HERE.

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