We Want Common Sense Gun Legislation

Last week, members of TPAN participated in an advocacy day with Moms Demand Action because we are coming out strong for good gun sense legislation that can save lives in Texas.

Every time another act of gun violence occurs, we are reminded that there are steps we can and should be taking to better protect communities and that there are leaders in the state legislature who are willing to fight for these solutions.

We took our concerns to lawmakers on the advocacy day and made sure to speak up for items like:

  • Red flag laws - empowers families, household members, or law enforcement officers to remove guns temporarily from someone determined to be a threat to themselves or others. Also provides for a robust due process that protects individuals from wrongfully losing their firearms.

  • Safe storage legislation - promotes responsible gun-owning practices by requiring gun owners to keep their firearms out of the reach of others, such as children. These laws help prevent tragedies due to unintentional discharges, suicide, and gun theft.

We also spoke out against the expansion of programs that would arm more teachers in schools. While we know that this is current policy in some school districts in Texas, and that it is an approach that these communities may require, there is no reason to believe that this should be turned into a blanket solution for a successful statewide approach to gun violence prevention. The risk is far too great to our schools and our children.

ACTION for 2/20/2019:

Let's make sure members of the Texas Legislature hear us on these issues and know that we want common sense measures that keep our communities safe and that promote firearm safety. Click below and send your letter right now!

Thank you for making yourself heard on this critical issue! Spread the word and make sure others can take action too ~~