We Need Public Hearings For Redistricting

Today we're sharing another call to action from our friends at the League of Women Voters of Texas!

The 2018 election showed us a few trends nationwide. Voters are pushing for voter rights and an end to gerrymandered districts.

Texas voters are no exception when it comes to this issue and our fight needs to ramp up right now during the legislative session!

From LWV:

Last session the House Redistricting Committee never met; this means Texans were not given the opportunity to voice their concerns about our broken redistricting system or discuss ways to make the process more impartial and fair.

Texans are tired of their vote being manipulated by elected officials. Seventy-two percent of Americans, a supermajority, want the Supreme Court to place limits on lawmakers’ ability to manipulate voting maps. This includes 71 percent of Democrats, 69 percent of Independents and 75 percent of Republicans.

Gerrymandering harms our communities by preventing them from working together to advocate for shared needs. This is what happens when you and your neighbor down the street are in a different district, but you and your friend from a distant city are in the same one. As a result, communities have lost their voice in the political process.

ACTION for 2/19/2019:

Let's email House Redistricting Committee Chair Phil King, Vice Chair Chris Turner and Speaker Bonnen today to call for public hearings on important legislation that impacts how we draw our voting districts!

TAKE ACTION --> Demand the House Redistricting Committee hold public hearings!

Thank you for making yourself heard this session!
Don't forget to join us here in Austin on February 27th for a Postcards for Fair Maps event to keep the momentum for hearings going!

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