The 86th Texas Legislative Session Is Here!

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ACTION for 1/8/2019:

We'll be advocating strongly this session for redistricting reform and not just with legislators. It's critically important to build public awareness and public support with other voters for a more transparent and more legitimate process in how we draw voting districts in Texas.

Did you know that as of the 2018 midterms,

  • 54% of state legislative offices are considered to be heavily gerrymandered with an electoral margin exceeding 45%.

  • 46 of the Texas State House seats were uncontested, leaving voters with no choice at the ballot box. This means that voters could not hold these elected officials accountable through the power of their vote.

  • 47% of Texans that voted in the 2018 U.S. Congressional races cast their ballot for a Democrat, yet Democrats only account for 36% of the seats won.

Take a look at Fair Maps Texas, a nonpartisan coalition focused on this effort and one that we're proud to be apart of. Here's a look at FMT's 2019 Legislative Priorities HERE.

If you're ready to support Fair Maps this session here's what you can do!

Start by submitting a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and help build public support in your community for these much needed changes. Live in Austin? Submit to the Statesman HERE.

If you're not Austin based, check out your local paper's process for submitting a letter to the editor and send one off this week! This is a necessary first brick in building conversations with other Texans about our redistricting process!

Not sure where to start or what to say? Whether you're in Austin or not, Fair Maps Texas and League of Women Voters have excellent talking points to help you HERE. If your letter gets published, let us know and we'll help circulate it!

Thank you for joining our efforts!

It's go time, Texas. More to come!