Gerrymandering Impacts Your Key Issue

As voters, many Americans fight for a variety of issues that affect their daily lives and those in their community.
We speak up on healthcare. On matters in our children’s school districts. Our air, our parks, our water. We speak up on guns. On inequities in our justice system. On our border towns. And particularly if advocacy work is a core part of your life, chances are you have at least one issue you've given considerable focus to.

But what happens when our concerns and cries for action on these important issues are met with silence? What happens to political leader responsiveness when gerrymandering is part of the equation?

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Politicians who draw legislative maps that keep their seat and their party's hold on power safe and uncontested cannot really be held accountable for the laws that they pass or the constituencies and issues they choose to ignore.

The whole "elections have consequences" adage is at risk for going right out the window because what consequences does a political leader drawn securely into a seat really have? A seat that -- by the powers that be who draw maps behind closed doors -- is designed to never go lost?

You elect people into office, you push them to commit to the work you sent them there to do and if they fail to serve your community well, you send someone else in their place. But if you can't do that because political leaders can effectively mute you, can you advance the causes or issues you care about most?

Whatever your advocacy passion or political party, you should get to cast a vote that has impact. You should get to hold your lawmakers accountable. Fixing the broken way we draw maps in Texas and bringing more transparency to the process will bring more legitimacy to the process. Let’s be heard.

You can learn more about the efforts we support this Texas Legislative Session at Fair Maps Texas.
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