Put A Polling Place On Campuses!

We saw Texas students show up in significant numbers last election cycle. Young people fought to be heard and make their vote count. This is exactly what we want to see more of because we know that when you vote early in life, you are that much more likely to make it lifelong habit. A culture of civic engagement helps us all thrive.

The challenges they overcame to cast their ballots during early voting and on Election Day highlighted some key issues that students in particular face and that can often hinder their access to voting when the time comes.

As laid out by the Austin American Statesman Editorial Board in a piece we shared on social media last week, Texas has 22 public universities, each with over 10,000 students enrolled but only 7 of those campuses had a polling place on-site for the 2018 election. This is worth noting, especially when you consider that "across the U.S., the average number of registered voters per precinct is about 1,500."

For more, read: Polling places should be standard at large Texas universities

Thankfully, this has a fix and it's in the Texas House...

ACTION for 1/30/2019:

Contact your state representative and tell them to support HB 375 which would require counties to provide a polling place on university campuses with more than 10,000 students.

This is an excellent way to make voting more accessible to young voters, the future leaders of our state.

**If your state representative is not pulling up after entering your information, please copy the letter text below and visit the Texas House website HERE to select your rep and email them. We apologize for this inconvenience - some new House members might not be properly coming up in the system yet. Please contact us if you have any issues!

Letter text:

"I'm writing to urge my representative to support HB 375, which requires counties to put a polling place at universities with a set number of students.
With more than 300,000 students at large universities across Texas, it's critically important that we provide a polling location that allows these young voters to have reasonable access to the franchise.
These are the future leaders of Texas and for our state to continue to thrive, we need a citizenry that votes. Every time.
Thank you for your support and for fighting for Texas voters."

BONUS ACTION for 1/30/2019:

Even as the Texas secretary of state's office is now quietly telling counties that a significant number of Texans on their citizenship check list shouldn't be on there, we're not letting up.

The chaos this fiasco has caused just means we need to keep telling our elected leaders that we want them to stay the course on things like online voter registration, the university polling places and so many other advances to voting. Join us in signing our petition and then SHARE it with your own networks! Check out the video we recently posted and help us share this message with other Texans so we can all speak out against voter suppression in 2019.

Thank you for joining our efforts! Help us spread the word by sharing this action!

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