Add Your Name: We're Pushing For Voter Rights

In the wake of news that tens of thousands of Texas voters were flagged for citizenship checks, a few Texas leaders immediately jumped at the claim that illegal voting had occurred.

The Texas Attorney General's inflammatory and misleading claims on this were then amplified by the President of the United States. But we know that state officials have in no way indicated that any illegal voting has happened and we cannot afford to let these damaging tactics derail our opportunity to fight for voter rights this session in Texas!

For more, read: The Texas secretary of state's office announced Friday it would send local election officials a list of 95,000 registered voters who the state says counties should consider checking to see whether they are U.S. citizens and, therefore, legally eligible to vote.

This destructive formula too often goes like this: 
- flag voters in voter rolls (many sometimes erroneously
- elected officials pounce on narrative about rampant voter fraud (of which there's not)
- highly restrictive laws pitched to combat this (nearly non-existent) problem pop up nationwide
- eligible voters are impacted
- rinse, repeat

And as we have seen, these kinds of voter roll flags and purges have been on the rise since key protections in the Voting Rights Act were gutted in a Supreme Court 2013 decision.

ACTION for 1/28/2019:

It's time to send a message to our state lawmakers that Texans are Done with this old formula.
We want our legislature to work to make voting better in Texas, NOT needlessly more difficult. We want our elected leaders to support eligible Texas voters, NOT disenfranchise them.
Sign and share the petition linked below to send a message to our lawmakers that we support advancements like online voter registration, polling places at major universities, and many other pieces of legislation that make democracy more accessible to eligible Texas voters! When we are all a part of the process, we can have a more representative government.

Thank you for joining our efforts! Help us spread the word by sharing this action!