Things You Can Do During Shutdown

Did you know that we have over 130,000 federal workers right here in Texas?

We do.

Only 15 percent of civilian full-time federal employees actually live in the Washington, D.C. region, so there are plenty of angry and anxious constituents in other parts of the country. And a considerable portion are the people right here in our direct communities.

For more, read: As the government shutdown drags on, workers’ hardship grows—and soon could become a political break point.

Today, Friday, many federal workers will be missing their second paycheck in this ceaseless shutdown.

We urge you to do 2 things if you haven't yet:

ACTION for 1/25/2019:

Contact your elected officials in Congress and urge them to bring an end to this needless suffering. Let's put people back to work and getting paid. The government is "of, for and by the people" and it needs to be OPEN for the people.

Please consider making a donation to this ongoing local food drive happening in Austin for federal workers.

Thank you for joining our efforts! Help us spread the word by sharing this action!

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