We Need Voting Rights Champions In The Legislature

The 2018 election was a record breaking midterm for Texas voters in terms of participation. The level of civic engagement is something to build on and we're encouraged to see lawmakers in the Texas Legislature championing voter rights this session!

From bills aimed to providing electronic voter registration and automatic voter registration, to a bill that would allow VDRs the ability to register voters across the state, as they should be able to. There is also a bill in the Texas Senate that would allow student ID cards as an acceptable form of voter identification (note that currently student ID cards are not accepted but handgun licenses are). And a bill in the Texas House that would bring a much needed polling place to four year universities with at least 10,000 students enrolled.

ACTION for 1/17/2019:

Legislation that seeks to make voting more accessible for eligible Texans needs to be supported by all. When we are all part of the process, we can have a more representative government.

Use our form and send a ready to go letter to your legislators to remind them that we need voter rights champions this session, every day. Urge them to support bills that make voting better for Texas voters!

And watch for more actions in the coming weeks on specific bills in the 86th Texas Legislative Session! Thank you for joining our efforts! Help us spread the word by sharing this action!

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